Play Jazz in Park City Real Estate

The Park City Jazz blog invites its readers to buy park city real estate and then play jazz inside of it. We invite our readers to do this because we love two things. The first thing that we love happens to be real estate situated in the Park City region. The second thing that we love happens to be jazz music. Therefore it makes sense that we would want to combine these two things in order to experience two different things that we love at the same time. This does not create twice the amount of pleasure as one might expect but rather it squares the amount of pleasure which happens to be more.


Now if the original value is two then doubling and squaring that value actually ends up being the same. This is true because two times two equals four and two squared also equals four. However, for a number larger than two squaring creates greater value than doubling. For example, three times two equals six where as three squared equals nine. Four times two equals eight but four squared equal sixteen. Five times two equals ten but five squared equals twenty-five and so on.

Therefore, let us assume the pleasure received from the love of jazz is equal to the pleasure received from the love of real estate. Let us call this amount of pleasure X. Accordingly, the amount of total pleasure that will be received when Park City jazz is combined with Park City real estate would be equal to X squared. This is the precise reason why we invite our readers to purchase a piece of Park City real estate or Deer Valley real estate and then to play jazz music inside of that real estate.