Park City Real Estate and Park City Jazz

A parcel of Park City real estate is a great place in which to listen to Park City Jazz. This is not only true because Park City Jazz is per se located in Park City but also because (some say) the jazz music played in Park City is unique to Park City and therefore can only be truly listened to in and around the Park City region. Fortunately, Park City is a nice place to live and visit anyway. As such, if one travels to Park City for the purpose of listening to Park City jazz will be pleasantly surprised upon arrival.

Deer Valley Real Estate is a Great Place for Jazz as Well

Deer Valley is also a great place to listen to jazz but this is probably true because it is located in close proximity to Park City. That is, Park City is known for its jazz music venues and Deer Valley is located near to Park City and for this reason Deer Valley can also be a great location for the purposes of listening to jazz music. But the question remains, if Park City jazz is listened to in Deer Valley is it still considered to be Park City Jazz?

For if it is not actually Park City Jazz it is not a proper subject to be discussed on this blog if one is being strict about remaining “on topic.” It is the policy of the Park City Jazz blog not to be too strict regarding being “on topic.” However, we maintain that there must be some connection back to the subject of Park City Jazz in order to have its place on this blog. As far as Deer Valley jazz is concerned we believe it to be sufficiently connected to the original topic of Park City jazz.