How Professional Teeth Whitening Works And What Ingredients Are Used

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Whether you are considering professional teeth whitening at a local dentist’s office, or you just want to know more about how professional teeth whitening works, then this article is for you. In this article we will talk about some of the basics about professional teeth whitening as well as how exactly it works, so you will be able to understand more about the procedure.

How Teeth Whitening Products Work

There are many different teeth whitening products that you can use, but pretty much all of them have the same exact ingredient; which is peroxide. Peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, has very volatile oxygen molecules. When those molecules touch the stains on your teeth, they start to break apart all the chemicals that hold those stains on your teeth. This basically cliches those stains away and brings back your beautiful white teeth. Every single professional teeth whitening product will contain hydrogen peroxide in it, that’s the main active ingredient. However, there are other ingredients that are often used to help achieve better results, some of the ingredients are fluoride. By adding fluoride to it will actually help prevent your teeth from getting weak during the teeth whitening process, and it also reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity.

Do At Home Kits Have the Same ingredients?

The answer to that is “yes”. Most at home teeth whitening kits will contain hydrogen peroxide which is the active ingredient, but however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that at home kits will give you the same results as professional teeth whitening. Most store bought teeth whitening like Crest Whitening strips have a very low amount of hydrogen peroxide, which can help you from over-whitening your teeth or causing any damage to your teeth. This is to help protect your teeth, it might mean that you might spend a lot of time whitening your teeth and your results might not be what you want, but it will prevent you from causing any damage to your teeth. Also, a lot of whitening kits that are sold online can contain a very high dosage of hydrogen peroxide, which can potentially cause oral issues. Very high levels of hydrogen peroxide mean that you are more likely to over whitening your teeth or potentially cause severe damage to your teeth. Over whitening, your teeth could lead to a weaker enamel or even white spots on your teeth.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening Is The Best Way To Achieve Results

If you want to achieve the best results as far as teeth whitening, then professional in office teeth whitening is the best choice. Affordable Dentists near you will not only give you the best results by they will also give you a take home whitening kit that you can use to keep up your whitening treatment. You will receive a custom fitted tray that’s built for your teeth so you can keep whitening your teeth at home after your first appointment in the office. Your dentist will also provide you with professional whitening toothpaste and after just a few weeks, your teeth will look brand new and white.